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The Plovdiv Branch of Technical University - Sofia is the leading university in the field of engineering and technology in the south of Bulgaria and a prestigious and respected part of the Technical University - Sofia. The Branch provides European quality of education in all three types of degree programmes - Bachelor's, Master's and PhD. Over 2000 BSc, MSc and PhD students study at TU-Sofia, Plovdiv Branch, part of them being foreigners from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Jordan, China, etc.  

The duration of the training of the students for acquiring a Bachelor's academic degree is eight semesters. Students having earned a Bachelor's degree can continue their studies with 3 more semesters towards a Master's degree.  

At present, the university lecture halls and laboratories are located in four main buildings. 

The structure of TU-Sofia, Plovdiv Branch includes two faculties:  


The Branch ensures qualitative education in a broad range of Bachelor's degree courses and specialized Master's degree courses which meet the demands of the Bulgarian industry.  

There is a preparatory school for foreign students at the Plovdiv campus of TU - Sofia where in the course of two semesters foreign students are taught Bulgarian, mathematics, physics and informatics. After a successful completion of the preparatory year they are enrolled as first year students according to their desired speciality. Foreign university applicants are expected to submit a copy of their diploma for completed high-school education in the country of origin and an official record of subjects studied and grades achieved. The documents should be translated into Bulgarian and verified (stamped) in the Bulgarian Embassy in the country of origin.  

The duration of a full-time Bachelor's Degree programme is four years. The full-time study towards a Master's Degree is three more semesters.  

The academic year has two semesters, 15 weeks each.  

The first semester starts in the middle of September and the second one starts in February.  

The examination sessions are in January and June respectively.  

The annual tuition fees for foreign students for full-time studies are:  

- preparatory courses - 2500 euro  

- Bachelor's and Master's degrees - 3000 euro  

- Doctor's degree - 3500 euro  

Foreign students with double citizenship, the one of which is Bulgarian, pay 50% of the tuition fee.  

The annual tuition fee is to be paid in two installments at the beginning of each semester.  

The University provides accommodation for foreign students for the preparatory year. Foreign students apply for accommodation for the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses on equal terms with Bulgarian students.  

For further information, please contact:  

25, Tzanko Djustabanov Str., PLOVDIV  

Educational Department - Office 4427 (Building 4)  

tel.: +359 32 659 565; +359 32 659 566  

Preparatory courses for foreign students - Office 4426 (Building 4)  

tel.: +359 32 659 568  




The Faculty was set up in 1986. 

The Faculty offers Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes 

in the following specialities:  

Computer Systems and Technologies  

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

This major is targeted at training skilled professionals in the field of design, development, maintenance and usage of computer systems.  

Discrete mathematics, organisation of the computation process, microprocessor systems, computer architecture, operating systems, methods of information transfer, computer networks, programming, databases, information systems, programming environments, etc. are in the core of this degree programme. 


BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

These programmes train experts in Industrial Electronics, Electronic Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering.  

Students can select from a variety of module courses: Electronic Monitoring and Control Devices, Industrial Electronics and Biomedical Engineering, Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering. 

Automation, Information and Control Systems 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

The programmes offer the basics of engineering in technical cybernetics, profound knowledge in information measuring equipment, control systems of mobile dynamic objects, automatic control systems of electric drives, navigation systems, computer systems, algorithmization in programming, modeling and optimization methods, microprocessor control devices and various automated technical devices and automatic control systems, CAD and CAM systems, management. In all these areas, computers and electronic devices are elements of a complex system that has its own specifics. 

Electrical Engineering 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

These degree programmes are traditional and widespread in all prestigious European technical universities. They combine classical basis and modern trends related to various applications of electricity in all spheres of contemporary life.  

The syllabi include subjects such as lighting and installation equipment, electric power engineering, high voltage equipment, electronically controlled electrical machinery. The training in each of those areas and disciplines uses and demonstrates advanced computer methods and tools. 

Industrial Engineering  

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes (in English) - full-time training 

The training and preparation of the students are interdisciplinary and include studying both the fundamental disciplines like mathematics, physics, informatics, and specialized basic engineering modules like mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, production engineering, computer-aided design, control theory, manufacturing system design and management, systems modeling, design and analysis, etc. A particilar emphasis is placed on management, business and finance.  



The Faculty was established in 1986.  

The Faculty offers Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes 

in the following specialities:  

Mechanical Engineering and Technologies 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

Students can select one of the modules: Technology of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools, Technology of Metals 

The curriculum is flexible and allows students to select from a number of specialized courses. Students can specialise in the field of manufacturing for the needs of the defense industry either by studying a group of elective module courses or by joining a designated Master programme in the field. 

Mechanical and Instrument Engineering 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

The education and training in these programmes is in the area of mechanical engineering with specialisation in the field of design of machines and appliances. 

Students can choose from the modules: Precision Equipment, Ammunitions and Weapons Production. 


BSc Degree Programme - full-time training  

The degree programme allows students to gain a thorough and integrated theoretical and practical background in the fields of mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, information systems, computing and systems engineering, etc. for the purpose of creating, implementing and operation of mechatronic systems. 

Two core modules are envisioned in the BSc degree programme: Robotics and Precision and Micromechanical Engineering  

Transport Equipment and Technologies 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

Students can choose from the following modules: Caterpillar and Wheeled Machines, Transport Equipment 

These programmes prepare specialists in the field of design, testing and maintenancerepair of armoured vehicles and ground transport equipment. 

Students thoroughly study the theory of internal combustion engines and the theory of the movement of caterpillar and wheeled vehicles; design, testing and control systems for automated caterpillar and wheeled vehicles and their units, as well as current trends in the development of transportation vehicle structures. 

Aviation Equipment and Technologies 

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

These degree programmes combine a number of modern trends related to the multiple applications of aircaft engineering and technologies in the modern world. Students study design, manufacturing technology and maintenance, technical operation of aircraft, of their engines and systems. In the process of training students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of computer technologies, economics and management. 

Industrial Management  

BSc Degree Programme - full-time training 

This programme reflects the contemporary world trends in higher education related to one of the most demanded professions - that of an engineer- manager.  

This degree programme is targeted at building a new type of managers, combining knowledge and skills in the five main functions of each management system: marketing, innovation, finance, manufacturing and personnel. Along with the solid foreign language training and information technology studies, this enables graduates to solve a wide range of managerial tasks in the conditions of a market economy. 

Students acquire general and specialised knowledge in the area of company management. 

Graphic Design and Printing  

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes - full-time training 

The programmes aim at preparing operational and managerial staff in the design, construction, technology, manufacturing, testing, installation, diagnosing and maintenance of printing equipment. 

Graduates in this major have thorough knowledge in the field of graphic design and prepress of materials (text, image and graphic objects processing).