Faculty of Electronics and Automation

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Electronics and Automation (FEA) was set up in 1986. 

The structure of the Faculty includes five departments and one centre. 

In more than 25 years of existence of the Plovdiv Branch of Sofia Technical University modern laboratories were created as a result of the joint efforts of lecturers, administrative staff and students in collaboration and with the support of many industrial and business partners from Plovdiv. Highly qualified academic staff developed. All these are good prerequisites for the Faculty to provide modern and high quality training for its students - engineers (Bachelors and Masters) in some of the most rapidly developing engineering fields. 

At present over 1100 BSc, MSc and PhD students study in the Faculty, part of them being foreigners from Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Macedonia, Nigeria, etc. 

The Faculty keeps intensive academic contacts with universities from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Greece , Turkey, etc. Lectures from the Faculty participate in scientific projects and academic exchanges with some of these universities, and students can take part in practical placements, elaborate diploma projects or study for a semester abroad within the framework of the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission.  

Students and PhD students from the Faculty have been awarded numerous national and international prizes due to the endeavours for their close involvement in educational activities and research during the last two years: 

Two students in two consecutive years (2008 and 2009) won the Mini-Nobel Prize in the area of engineering and technologies in the In the Spirit of Alfred Nobel competition, organized by the Swedish Embassy in Bulgaria; 

During 2007 two PhD students were honoured with "The best paper" at the scientific conferences CompSysTech'07 and Automation and Informatics'07. 

During 2008 a student's paper from the Faculty received an honour "The best paper" at the scientific conferences CompSysTech'08.  

Dean: Prof. Grisha Spasov, Ph.D  

Vice Deans: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Ganev, Ph.D and Assoc. Prof. Krum Kutryanski, Ph.D 

Student Advisors: Dimitrina Valova, Miglena Nikolova, Zoya Ilieva  

Secretary: Valentina Bukova 


Management and Administration