Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Assoc. Prof. Dr Aleksandar Georgiev


Address: Room 4237, Department of Mechanics, Technical University of Sofia, branch Plovdiv, 25 Zanko Djustabanov str., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

E-mail: AGeorgiev@gmx.de 

Tel.: +359 32 659513 

Home: +359 32 649785 


Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain (June 2005).  

Technical University FSM, Valparaiso, Chile (Oct 2001 - Oct 2003) - Guest Researcher in 2 fields (Ground Source Heat Pumps; Sun tracking devices and measurements with them);  

University of Siegen, Germany (March 1992 - Feb 1993) - Guest researcher in the project "Refrigerating by means of high temperature solar collectors and absorption refrigerating machine".  


Renewable Energy Sources: 

Seasonal Ground Heat Accumulation and Ground Source Heat Pumps: 

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Sun following systems and corresponding measurements: 

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Combined heating systems with solar collector: 

A. Georgiev. Testing solar collectors as an energy source for a heat pump. "Renewable Energy", 2008, V. 33 (4) p. 832-838. 

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