Educational Department

Head of the Department 

eng. Evgeniy Yonkov 


Major activities of the Department: 

- Candidate-student campaign; 

- Organization of the educational process 

- Doctoral studies 

Doctoral Studies 

Training following the third educational and scientific degree - Doctor is carried out in the Department in compliance with the approved scientific specialities from the classification of the specialities of the researchers.  

Competitions has been announced every year for full-time and part-time doctoral studies, affirmed by the Ministry of Science and Education and published in a State Gazette. Applicants are expected to submit documents in conformity with Decree: No 222/26.10.2000 of the Council of Ministers for admission and training of doctoral students as follows:  

1. Application to the Director of the Branch for participation in a competition.  

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)  

3. Diploma for holding an educational and qualification degree - Master with the attachement or a certified copy by a notary.  

4. Documents verifying the interests and achievements in the respective scientific realm (recommendations by persons having an academic rank - 2 copies, list of publications, etc.)  

5. Document for a paid fee for taking part in a candidate-doctoral competition.  

The duration of the full-time doctoral study is 3 (three) years and of the part-time one - 4 (four) years.  

Doctoral students taking on full-time studies are entitled to receive a scholarship and be accommodated at a hostel.  

In accordance with the Law for Higher Education, they pay an annual tuition fee specified by a Decree of the Council of Ministers and published in a State Gazette each year.  

The University offers also a paid form of studies to a "doctorate".  

Language and Specialised Training of Foreigners 

A preparatory unit for foreign students is set apart and functioning in the Branch. In the course of two semesters foreign students are taught English, Bulgarian, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics in it.  

Complying to Decree of the Council of Ministers No 226/30.08.2004, the foreigners submit the following documents:  

1. Application or a request, containing a brief CV and the higher education establishments and specilities, which the students opt for.  

2. A copy of the document for completed secondary education and of the annex with the grades - for the candidates for a full-time study.  

3. A document issued by a competent authority, verifying the right of the applicant to continue his/her education in the higher education institutions in the country, where the secondary education is acquired.  

4. Transcipt of records - for the students applying for a partial term of training.  

5. A copy of the document for graduation at a higher education institution and a degree awarded corresponding to a "Bachelor" or "Master" - for the candidates to a Master's degree.  

6. A document for proficiency in Bulgarian issued by a higher education establishment in the Republic of Bulgaria - for the applicants who will not undergo a language and a specialised preparation.  

7. A copy of the document for nationality - for the applicants with a double citizenship, one of which being Bulgarian.  

8. Two photographs  

The documents under article 2, 3, 4 and 5 must be legalized, translated and certified conforming to the regulations on the international contracts of the Republic of Bulgaria with the country, in which they are issued and upon absense of such ones - adhering to the general order on the legalization, translations and certifications of documents and other documentation.