Computer and Information Services

The three university buildings in Plovdiv, being geographically separated from one another, are connected by optical high-speed and reliable local area network. 

The Branch was a pioneer in the implementation of IPv6 protocol for all the servers providing services in the public domain. Since July 2010 users accessing the LAN from "the network training segment" (computer rooms and laboratories), as well as WiFi HotSpot users, automatically obtain a global IPv6 address.  

The university has 19 computer labs for general and specialised use by different departments, all connected to the university infrastructure and Internet. 

- Guaranteed international connection to the global network - speed 100Mbp 

- High-speed BG peering 

- Centralised management of common resources based on services  

- Maintenance of three working environments for distance learning 

- Opportunities for building private virtual channels for remote use of information services 

- A system for wireless WiFi Hot Spot in publicly accessible places - open spaces, lobbies, auditorium, lecture halls 

- Corporate solution for antivirus protection 

- Equipped specialised training computer labs for Java and Unigraphics