Faculty of Electronics and Automation

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes 

These degree programmes are traditional and widespread in all prestigious European technical universities. They combine classical basis and modern trends related to various applications of electricity in all spheres of contemporary life.  

Graduates are well trained and provided with knowledge and skills to perform effectively as engineers and supervisors in the processes of design, manufacturing, testing, operating, servicing, managing, trading and quality certification of electric systems and installations, as well as electric machinery and appliances, assembled units and modules, installation and household appliances and electronic devices; as well as in the production, transfer and distribution of electric power. The syllabi include subjects such as lighting and installation equipment, electric power engineering, high voltage equipment, electronically controlled electrical machinery. The training in each of those areas and disciplines uses and demonstrates advanced computer methods and tools. 

Specialised training is based on solid theoretical foundation. Alongside with the specialized knowledge, the graduating electrical engineers are well aware about the global problems of environmental protection, intellectual property protection, industrial law, economics, management, foreign languages, etc. 

Graduates may pursue a career in any company dealing with design, production and maintenance of electrical equipment in the sectors of electrical industries, machine building, metallurgy, energy, etc.