Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



BSc Degree Programme  

The degree programme allows students to gain a thorough and integrated theoretical and practical background in the fields of mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, information systems, computing and systems engineering, etc. for the purpose of creating, implementing and operation of mechatronic systems. 

The degree course provides sufficient general grounding and solid fundamentals, necessary in the implementation of future engineering and research work and enabling appropriate professional flexibility. Students are equipped with knowledge of the methodological approach in the design and implementation of mechatronic systems for a variety of purposes. 

Two core modules are envisioned in the BSc degree programme: 

- Robotics - construction, control and production of industrial robots, mobile and service robots, teleoperators, microrobots, manipulation equipment and robotic systems, actuators for robots, new materials and principles of construction and control of micro and mobile robots in medicine, robotic and computerised technologies, modeling and simulation of robotic systems, diagnostics, operation and maintenance of the objects and robotic systems. 

- Precision and Micromechanical Engineering - design, manufacture, operation, diagnostics and maintenance of office and security equipment, optical and laser equipment, micromechanics, medical equipment, measuring equipment, optical and electronic equipment. 

Both modules share a common theoretical foundation, including general engineering disciplines and general degree course disciplines, meeting both the general requirements towards mechanical engineers and the specific requirements for mechanical engineers in mechatronics, thus combining the knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering, electronics and computer technology. 

Each of the modules covers specialised disciplines that specify and deepen the background in the corresponding direction. 

The curriculum is in conformity with the requirements of the Technical University of Sofia and it is to a great extent similar to the curricula of the leading universities from Europe and primarily from Germany. This allows the provision of student mobility and exchange of credits when moving from one university to another. 

A Mechanical Engineer having graduated the Mechatronics degree programme will be able to perform tasks linked to development, construction, design, production, assembly, repair, maintenance, management and other activities related to the use of technologies, devices, mechanisms, equipment or other objects of Mechatronics.