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Technical University of Sofia - Branch Plovdiv

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Technologies

Mechanical Engineering and Technologies

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes 

Graduates can pursue a career as managers, designers, technologists, specialists in marketing and sales, researchers and lecturers. 

Students can select one of the modules:  

- Technology of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools  

- Technology of Metals 

The curriculum is flexible and allows students to select from a number of specialized courses. The courses are taught by full-time lecturers in full compliance with the state requirements for this major. Opportunities are provided for the students to carry out a practical placement at the University of Stuttgart - Germany, with which an agreement for bilateral cooperation has been signed. 

Students can specialise in the field of manufacturing for the needs of the defense industry either by studying a group of elective module courses or by joining a designated Master programme in the field. 

A Mechanical Engineer having graduated these degree programmes is well trained to study, examine and design technological processes in the manufacturing of details and units, in assembling units and machines; to explore, design, modernize, maintain and repair metal-cutting and metal-processing machines and automated aggregates; to manage production systems and business organisations; to design and re-engineer machine building enterprises.