Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Management

Industrial Management

BSc Degree Programme 

This programme reflects the contemporary world trends in higher education related to one of the most demanded professions - that of an engineer- manager.  

It prepares highly qualified specialists to meet the needs for management of various organisations dealing with mechanical engineering, power and electronic industries and other branches and sectors of manufacture and services. 

This degree programme is targeted at building a new type of managers, combining knowledge and skills in the five main functions of each management system: marketing, innovation, finance, manufacturing and personnel. Along with the solid foreign language training and information technology studies, this enables graduates to solve a wide range of managerial tasks in the conditions of a market economy. 

The curriculum is flexible enough to allow students to choose about 20% of all the courses, which ensures meeting both employers' requirements and students' interests for specialisation in various fields.  

Students acquire general and specialised knowledge in the area of company management.