Faculty of Electronics and Automation



BSc and MSc Degree Programmes 

These programmes train experts in Industrial Electronics, Electronic Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering. During their studies students acquire knowledge and skills for professional participation in projects related to electronic technological devices, power electronics, converters, electronic devices and control systems, biomedical engineering, nuclear electronics, electronic devices and systems for robotics, optoelectronic and laser devices, data processing and imaging, electronics and microelectronics, sensors, microprocessors and microcomputers, computer technology for research and design. 

Alongside with the basic training, students receive up-to-date useful information on management, economics and finance, company organisation and management, law, marketing, international business, technology transfer, and foreign language training.  

Students can select from a variety of module courses: 

- Electronic Monitoring and Control Devices,  

- Industrial Electronics and Biomedical Engineering,  

- Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering 

Graduates acquire a comprehensive background of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and can work as engineers, designers, researchers in the sphere of electronics and electronic technologies and their applications in all fields of industry in the private and public sector, healthcare, banking and finance, tourism, communications, service sector, transport and scientific research.