Faculty of Electronics and Automation

Automation, Information and Control Systems

Automation, Information and Control Systems

BSc and MSc Degree Programmes 

Human life in the modern industrialised world is impossible without automated machines and automatic control systems. They are applied everywhere around us - in both the washing machine and the space probe, in the fully automated factories, producing and assembling machines and other devices with no single touch of a human hand. They are pilots of aircraft and ships and complex computer control systems of banks, of modern communications and satellite television. They are embedded in the automatic electromechanical systems, in robot manipulators, in systems with elements of artificial intelligence. The scientific basis of this process is technical cybernetics. 

The programmes offer the basics of engineering in technical cybernetics, profound knowledge in information measuring equipment, control systems of mobile dynamic objects, automatic control systems of electric drives, navigation systems, computer systems, algorithmization in programming, modeling and optimization methods, microprocessor control devices and various automated technical devices and automatic control systems, CAD and CAM systems, management. In all these areas, computers and electronic devices are elements of a complex system that has its own specifics. 

Graduates of these degree programmes can pursue a career in design and engineering firms and organisations dealing with construction, operation, maintenance and development of technical, financial and organisational management systems in all spheres of economic life.