Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Instrument Engineering

About the Department

Department of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering was the heir of the Scientific and Training Centre for Mechanical and Instrument Engineering until 1992, and then of the Department of Special Mechanical and Instrument Engineering from 1992 till 1995. 

The areas of expertise, teaching and conducting research are in the fields of: 

- Basic principles, rules, methods and tools of construction in Mechanical and Instrument Engineering; 

- Application of advanced methods for computer-aided design and engineering (CAD & CAE);  

- Machine elements and Machine Science (focusing on mechanical gears and elements of the rotating movement); 

- Mechanisms and machines (analysis and synthesis); 

- Metrology and measurement equipment in Mechanical Engineering; 

- Quality control and management; 

- Measuring devices for physical and mechanical quantities; 

- Application of optical devices for control and measurement; 

- Automation and robotization of Mechanical Engineering Production; 

- Handling machinery, transport equipment and logistics; 

- Structure, operation, design and production of portable firearms and small-arms ammunition 

Department of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering is committed to provide teaching in such fundamental disciplines that build up the technical background in the field of Mechanical Engineering and General Engineering, such as Fundamentals of Design and CAD, Graphic Design, Fundamentals of Engineering Design, Machine Elements, Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, Handling Machinery and Transport Equipment, Metrology and Measurement Equipment and many other.  

The Department of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering is fully accredited to provide courses to students for acquiring a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical and Instrument Engineering. 

For that purpose, it has: 

- well equipped laboratory facilities located in 14 laboratories; 

- a modern computer class for computer-aided design, three-dimensional modelling and simulation studies in Mechanical and Instrument Engineering; 

- highly qualified academic staff and researchers of whom 7 associate professors and 7 senior lectures in relevant scientific directions. 

The duration of the training of the students for acquiring a Bachelor's academic degree is eight semesters. Students having earned a Bachelor's degree can continue their studies with 3 more semesters towards a Master's degree.  

Upon performance of its tasks related to qualifying of the engineers and to research, the Department of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering relies on and receives full support and assistance from all other departments both from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and from the Faculty of Electronics and Automation. 

The training provided by the Department of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering is targeted in the field of mechanical engineering with specialised modules on design of machines and appliances. 

Graduates of the degree programme receive a professional qualification to perform tasks linked to design, production, organizational and control activities in the production companies in the public and private sectors. 

Students can opt for the modules: 

- Precision Equipment  

- Arms production  

- Production of ammunition  

Through choosing from a set of elective courses, students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that enable them to make a successful career in machine and device building enterprises, in factories for production and maintainance of military equipment, in the field of consulting and entrepreneurship services. Graduates can also work in research departments at companies, regional metrological centers or in the field of engineering education.