Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Transport and Aircraft Equipment and Technologies

About the Department

The Department was established in 1995 under the name of Mobile Military Equipment comprising the following specialities: Caterpillar and Wheeled Machines (later assumed the name of Transport Equipment and Technologies) and Aircraft Equipment Exploitation and Maintenance (later changed its name to Aircraft Equipment and Technologies). Since 2004 it has been renamed to Department of Transport and Aircraft Equipment and Technologies (TAETD).  

Since 2003, the Department has received full accreditation for training students in Bachelor's and Master's educational and qualification degrees in the specialities of Transport Equipment and Technologies and Aircraft Equipment and Technologies.  

TAETD has a computer class connected to the main Branch server, high speed Internet, licensed software products of Microsoft (MSDN - package), Solid Works, NX3, SolidEdge, and MATLAB. The laboratories are equipped with modern technical models, stands and appliances for conducting laboratory exercises. Of particular interest is the aerodynamic laboratory, equipped with an aerodynamic tube, which allows carrying out of scientific and laboratory experiments. 

The Transport and Aircraft Equipment and Technologies Department (TAETD) features basically by high quality methodological and scientific qualification of its lecturers, as well as by the set style and traditions for guaranteed high standards of education.  

Besides the facilities for training and research located on the campus of the Branch, the Department also uses the laboratory base of Balkancar Record Co. - Plovdiv, designed for testing motor and electric forklift trucks; BOSCH and SAE Inc. services in Plovdiv; the advanced equipment of TEREM Georgi Benkovski Ltd. - Plovdiv and Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base.  

The Department maintains contractual relations with numerous organizations such as the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Military University "V. Levski" in Veliko Tarnovo, Aviotechnica S.p.Ltd - Plovdiv, TEREM Georgi Benkovski Ltd. - Plovdiv, Balkancar Record Co. - Plovdiv and Balkan Ltd. - Lovech, Maxim Ltd. - Plovdiv, International Cooperation Institute of the German Association for People's Universities (IIZ/DVV), etc. based on successful bilateral cooperation and joint activities.  

The degree programmes prepare students for a broad spectrum of professional careers in the transport and aviation companies and production. The need for graduates in Transport Equipment and Technologies and Aircraft Equipment and Technologies has increased significantly with the transition to the market economy. The up-to-date transport and aviation equipment, in which complex production technologies underlie, calls for high professional qualification in preparing and implementing its technical operation. The role of engineers have been substantially enhanced in research and implementation of the cutting-edge technologies, where the emphasis is placed on the intellectual resources.