Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) was established in 1986.  

Over more than 25 years of its existence FME has evolved into one of the leading mechanical engineering faculties in Bulgaria, with modern facilities and highly qualified lecturers providing education and training in accordance with EU standards.  

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has six departments within its structure. 

The sound scientific background and language training, which students acquire at the faculty, allow them to carry out internships in companies and prepare diploma projects in EU universities, with which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has international bilateral agreements. 

FME maintains traditionally good relations with other mechanical engineering and technological faculties in Bulgaria. As a member of the Association of Mechanical Engineering Faculties, it organizes an international scientific conference AMTECH whose 2009 edition was in Plovdiv. 

Departments and lecturers keep close professional contacts with a number of industrial enterprises in the Plovdiv region and in other parts of Bulgaria. 

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has established relations and further develops its international cooperation with partner universities from Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Greece, etc. 

Bilateral agreements have been signed within the Erasmus program of the European Commission with universities in Germany, France and Spain for lecturer and student exchange. 

The academic staff, MSc and PhD students in FME conduct research through developing and partnering in international, national and industrial projects. The results of scientific and applied research are presented and published in prestigious scientific conferences and journals in Bulgaria and abroad.  



Assoc. Prof. Pepo Yordanov, Ph.D. 

Vice Deans: 

Assoc. Prof. Ilia Popov, Ph.D and Assoc. Prof. Angel Lengerov, Ph.D 


Maria Popova 

Reneta Boeva 


Velichka Rasheva


Management and Administration