Center for Post-graduate Studies


Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valyo Nikolov  

Chief administrative officer:  

The Centre for Postgraduate Training at the Technical University Sofia, Branch Plovdiv is a detached unit to the Department for Continuous Education and Postgraduate Training at the Technical University Sofia, that acts on the basis of the Law for higher education, of the Regulations for the structure and activity of both the Technical University Sofia and its Branch in Plovdiv. The Centre organises and conducts a paid tuition for acquisition of knowledge, mastering skills and obtaining an additional professional qualification in a specified field. Depending on the demands of the firms and administrative bodies the Centre carries out specialised training and provides consultancy ad hoc. 

A postgraduate student is a person that enhances his/her qualification following a specialised curriculum without earning a higher degree or acquiring a new speciality. Bulgarian and foreign citizens with completed secondary education are admitted to postgraduate training irrespective of the age limit. 

Short-term and long-term courses are offered. 

Short-term training  

It is targeted towards accumulation of knowledge and skills through qualification courses for solving problems of applied nature in due time.  

The duration of the courses is up to one semester. Upon their successful completion a certificate for professional qualification is obtained. 

The Centre delivers the following short-term courses: 



Programmable Logic Controllers and Frequency Converters 

Mathematics for candidate students 

Physics for candidate students 

Supervisors of Food Quality at the Custom Duties and on the Markets 

Legal experts for estimation of property  

Nuclear Technologies and Radioactivity in Environment 

Safety of Machinery general background. Directive 97/38/EC 

Electrical Safety of Machinery. Directive 97/38/EC 

Mechanical Safety of Machinery. Directive 97/38/EC 

Quality of Power Supply  

Long-term Training 

Postgraduate students acquire profound knowledge and skills that correspond to a narrow specialisation in the selected area. The length of training is 2 to 3 semesters. Courses can be run in short-term for some of the listed specialisations ad hoc. Postgraduate students go in for examinations at the end of the semester according to a particular schedule. Training is completed by development and presentation of a final project or passing final examinations. Upon successful completion a certificate for professional qualification is awarded.  

The long-term specialisations are covered in two trends as follows: 

Engineering Sciences  

Computer Networks and Communications  

Communications in Life and Business 

International Welding Engineer  

International Welding Technologist  

Social and Economic Sciences  

Business Entrepreneurship 

Banking and Finance 

International Economic Relations 

Project Management 

Legal Protection of the Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Rights) 


The list of the indicated courses and specialisations can be currently updated according to suggestions of the postgraduate students and lecturers. 

The form of study is full-time and part-time - in the evening (after 5 p.m.). 

The studies are conducted every day or 2 to 3 times weekly with a duration of 3 to 8 classes complying to the workload of the postgraduate students and lecturers.  

The training is provided by highly qualified university lecturers and specialists coming from practice and applying advanced information and communication technologies. Thus, prerequisites for a comprehensive background and a successful realisation of postgraduate students are brought forth. 

Tuition fee 

Lump sum of the tuition fee is deposited prior to commencement of studies, as follows:  

at the cash-desk of the Technical University Sofia, Branch Plovdiv: 

25, Tzanko Djustabanov Str., Plovdiv 4000, room 4249;  

by bank account: Technical University Sofia Branch Plovdiv 

IBAN: BG43 UNCR 75273154638901, BIC: UNCR BGSF,  

Branch Trimontium, UNICREDIT BULBANK, Plovdiv.  

It is allowed that a tuition fee for long-term courses be paid in two instalments: 70 % of the amount due before commencing the studies, and the remaining one before the end of the first semester. 

Required documents for application: 

1. Application form  

2. A copy of the diploma for competed education  

3. A photograph, 34 cm  

4. A document for a paid tuition fee 

For enquiries and admission:  


Centre for Postgraduate Training, room 4329 

Technical University of Sofia, Branch Plovdiv  

25, Tzanko Djustabanov Str. 

Plovdiv 4000 

Tel.: +359 32 659 520;  

Fax: +359 32 626 600 



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