Distance e-Learning Centre

Through introduction of distance learning, the Plovdiv Branch of TU-Sofia strives to meet the educational needs of students with physical disabilities and disadvantaged financial circumstances in carrying out part of the learning process in an interactive form. This form of training allows for an individual pace of in-service training at a convenient time for students. 

The main prerequisite for the delivery of distance learning is the advanced level of development of ICT for e-learning at the Branch. The availability of computer rooms and laboratories equipped with modern computers, software e-learning platforms, high-speed university local area network and the Internet provide quality of training in distance learning. 

Guided self-training is the basic way of learning in distance learning. Students receive printed or multimedia teaching materials, and access to the Internet-based platform with the relevant rights. At each stage of the preparation the level of knowledge is verified by tests that the students complete and return to the teacher within a specified period. 

Consultations are held in online forums or at university. Students should be present at all laboratory exercises and examinations. 

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